Enhance your Spanish with “QuickStudy Spanish Phrases Flash Cards” kit

In my next article I want to continue review of “Flash Cards” kits from QuickStudy. Today this will be kit “Spanish Phrases”. About “Spanish Vocabulary” I wrote in my previous article. You are welcome to follow the link to read it.

“Spanish Phrases” will be helpful when you are preparing to tests, for travelers and just for people who wants to expand their own Spanish vocabulary. Searching for the needed information to study can take more time than learning it. In this case you can use tabbed system from QuickStudy that makes it quick and easy to find what you want.

Price and weight of the set is the same like for “Spanish Vocabulary“. All cards are usefully tabbed by topics and each card has its own number. This helps to find only the phrases you need to study and find them fast.

List of topics you can find at the side of the inner box. Totally there are 19 topics:

  • Basics/Greetings;
  • Questions;
  • Negatives;
  • Exclamations;
  • Colors;
  • Time;
  • Calendar;
  • Weather/Seasons;
  • Directions;
  • Health/Body;
  • Habitat;
  • People/Family;
  • School/Workplace;
  • Money/Bank;
  • Clothes/Shopping;
  • Food/Restaurant;
  • Entertainment/Sports;
  • Travel;
  • Glossary of essential words.

Some cards are supplied with formal/informal (ex.: “No te preocupes.” – inf. s.), masculine/feminine, singular/plural information (ex.: “¡Bienvenido/os/a/as!” – m.f. s./pl.). There also could be tips on the some cards that indicates the best situation for the phrase usage (ex.: “Con permiso.” – Use when requesting permission). Note, that m./f. information will be listed only if it is unclear which it is. Otherwise, a slash will be used (ex.: “¿Estás seguro/a?”).

On the one side of each card in the top right corner there is indicator and name of the category; in the bottom left corner – number of the card, and English translation of the phrase in the middle of the card. On the other side – Spanish phrase and number of the card.

Just to give general view of the set, here are several examples from each topic.

  • Basics/Greetings: “Thank you very much.”, “You’re welcome.”, “I’m sorry.”, “Don’t worry.”, “I don’t know.”, “Do you speak English?”, “Speak slowly, please.”, “Where are you from?”, “What’s your name?”, “My name is …”, “Where do you live?”, “Hello!”, “How are you?”, “Nice to meet you.”, “See you soon.”
  • Questions: “What?”, “What is it?”, “What did you say?”, “What happened?”, “Who?”, “Who is it?”, “Where?”, “Where are we?”, “When?”, “How?”, “How do they say it?”, “How much?”, “How many?”, “Do you know anything about music?”, “Do you have brothers/sisters?”, “Are you sure?”, “Are you ready?”, “Do you know where we are?”, “May I speak with …?”
  • Negatives: “No, I don’t know anything [about it].”, “We never go to the theatre.”, “No problem.”, “I don’t like …”
  • Exclamations: “Congratulations!”, “Happy Birthday!”, “Be careful!”, “Help me!”, “I’m so sorry!”, “You don’t say!”, “It’s not a big deal!”, “Of course!”, “No way!”, “Good idea!”, “It’s a pity!”
  • Colors: “The shirt is black.”, “The curtains are brown.”, “Today is a black day on the roads.”, “Dulce’s eyes are brown.”, “Angela has brown hair.”, “The fuchsia tie is beautiful.”, “I bought a black skirt.”, “The artist is redhead.”
  • Time: “What time is it?”, “It’s two o’clock in the afternoon. [2:00 P.M.]”, “It’s one-thirty in the morning. [1:30 A.M.]”, “It’s quarter to eight.”, “Last night I ate too much.”, “Sarah left yesterday.”, “Last month they were in Caracas.”, “I exercise once a day.”, “I make couscous every week.”, “How long have you been playing with this band?”, “At what time do you start working?”, “We went dancing last weekend.”, “I visited the Cathedral of Barcelona last Thursday.”, “I have been sick for five days.”
  • Calendar: “No one studies in August.”, “Halloween is celebrated in October.”, “The year ends in December.”, “Today is May 21.”, “What month is it?”, “What day is it today?”, “Today is a holiday.”, “[St.] Valentine’s Day February 14th.”, “Easter Sunday”, “Chanukkah/Hanukkah”, “Christmas Eve December 24th”, “New Year’s Eve December 31”
  • Weather/Seasons: “How is the weather?”, “What is the temperature?”, “Spring in Spain is very pretty.”, “It is very cold in Toronto during the winter.”, “There are many people at the beach during the summer.”, “It is [very] sunny.”, “The weather is good.”, “It’s raining.”
  • Directions: “I’m lost! We are lost!”, “The bookstore is to the right of the stadium.”, “The airport is in front of the park.”, “The theater is far from the station.”
  • Health/Body: “My head hurts.”, “The elbow is red.”, “Paul has a big heart.”, “What a big mouth!”, “Diane has a sore throat.”, “John broke his toes.”, “I broke my hip.”, “I feel/am dizzy.”, “Are you allergic to any medication?”, “I took an antihistamine.”, “Could you buy some pills?”, “The nurse takes my blood pressure.”, “The ambulance took me to the hospital.”
  • Habitat: “The bathtub is marble.”, “The bathroom is next to the kitchen.”, “The sofa is to the right of the armchair.”, “The towels are made of cotton.”, “The furniture is old.”, “The mattress is comfortable.”, “I paid the rent.”, “I bought a microwave [oven].”, “I would like a furnished apartment.”, “The students are in the dormitory.”, “The windows and doors are open.”, “Chicken soup is prepared in the soup pot.”, “My dream house has three floors.”, “Michael washes the windows.”, “The drawer is open.”, “Mr. Martin takes out the garbage.”
  • People/Family: “I have many friends.”, “The biologist works very hard.”, “The nurse holds the injection in his/her hand.”, “The carpenter works with wood.”, “The pastor holds the service in the church.”, “The monk lives in the monastery.”, “Your cousin is an engineer.”, “Theresa is his wife.”, “Father likes art and mother likes literature.”, “The son-in-law hugged the father-in-law.”, “I have only one older brother.”, “My aunt is very nice.”, “His sister is an actress.”, “My parents are tall and slim.”, “The baby cries a lot.”, “How many brothers/siters do you have?”
  • School/Workplace: “The eraser is in front of me.”, “The calculator is digital.”, “The computer is new.”, “Where is the dictionary?”, “The student sleeps in class.”, “The pencil is orange.”, “The book is open.”, “The paper is in the printer.”, “The chalkboard is clean.”, “I lost the [computer] mouse.”, “The boss is in the office.”, “I received the job application that you sent.”, “I would like a better salary.”, “I’m going to a job fair.”, “I received an e-mail with an attachment.”, “Margaret and Joseph surf the Web.”, “My mailbox was full of messages.”
  • Money/Bank: “I need to stop by the bank.”, “Is there a bank around here with an ATM machine?”, “I have no money.”, “Would you lend me 100 dollars?”, “I would like to cash a check.”, “I paid with a personal check.”, “I lost my credit card.”, “How much do I owe you?”, “The euro is the official currency of Spain.”, “The peas cost four dollars a pound.”, “The bank is open.”
  • Clothes/Shopping: “How much does it cost?”, “What size do you wear?”, “What did you buy?”, “I love shopping.”, “Lisa is wearing a violet dress and a white jacket.”, “Where are the fitting rooms?”, “What would you like?”, “What do you need?”, “How are you going to pay?”, “I am going to pay by check/with a credit card/in cash [with money].”, “How can I help you?”, “Can I try on this pair of pants?”, “What is your shoe size?”, “How does it fit me?”, “It’s too big/small for you.”, “I need a bigger/smaller size.”, “I want to exchange it for another.”, “Where is the salesperson?”, “Here is your receipt.”
  • Food/Restaurant: “I am very thirsty.”, “I am very hungry.”, “Where is the waiter/waitress?”, “An orange juice, please.”, “I would like a strawberry milkshake.”, “Can you bring us the bill?”, “I’ll have some cheese.”, “The cookies are excellent.”, “The olives are tasty.”, “I do not want to eat sausage.”, “The croissant is soft and hot.”, “For breakfast, I prefer coffee with milk.”, “Auntie drinks herbal tea.”, “What would you recommend?”, “I recommend eggplant and corn tortillas.”, “I would like to order.”, “How’s the food?”, “The check, please!”
  • Entertainment/Sports: “Why don’t we play soccer?”, “Are you a sports fan?”, “The students water ski.”, “My cousins play football.”, “Which sports do you like?”, “I like swimming.”, “Louis and Mary played tennis.”, “The boys/girls play basketball.”, “Teresa and Lucas went hiking.”, “My brother likes mountain climbing.”, “Where are the tennis rackets?”, “My soccer team won.”, “Which is your favorite sport?”, “Biking is my favorite sport.”, “My friend have a picnic every Saturday.”, “I want to go horseback riding.”, “I’m looking for a helmet and reins.”, “Do you want to go swimming?”, “I need a bathing suit.”, “Maryann likes to sunbathe.”, “The aunts watch the soccer match on TV.”, “The boy rides on a scooter.”
  • Travel: “Have a good trip!”, “I need to get a passport and a visa.”, “First, I have to go through passport control.”, “The passengers went to pick up their suitcases.”, “The business travelers exchanged money at the airport.”, “Where is the hotel?”, “I have a reservation for two people for three nights.”, “I would like a room with a single bed.”, “The air conditioning does not work!”, “Where is the elevator?”, “Is there a hairdryer?”, “Do you have nonsmoking rooms?”, “Is there parking/taxi service?”, “Is there a laundry and dry cleaning service?”, “This is a nonstop flight.”, “I would like a round-trip ticket.”, “Richard and Joanna checked the luggage.”, “The pilot is in the cabin.”, “The airplane took off/landed.”, “The price of the hotel includes taxes.”, “Where is the bus/subway/train station?”
  • Glossary of essential words contains words from topics above.

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